Attenion To Orders: From the 24th Virginia Field Hospital & the Southern Telegraph Company, Next event: Fort Tejon Invitatational, May 30th thu June 1st. see you all there:

csa 1stVirginia state flag



The Southern Telegraph Company

The 24th Virginia Field Hospital




Hospital flag




Fort Tejon Historical Association 


Fort Tejon Historical Association



The Society of Civil War Surgeons 



The Society of Civil War Surgeons


he American Civil War Society


The American Civil War Society



The Civil War Alliance







Dave Colley 


Unit Roster


Civil War Surgeon 


Confederate Flags


Farewell To the Army




Civil War Nurses 


Tentative Events for 2013


The Southern Telegraph Company


My ham shack








Next Event 

Fort Tejon Invitational

.  May30th, thu June 1st. 2014


All gave some and some gave all
And some stood through for the red, white and blue
And some had to fall
And if you ever think of me
Think of all your liberties and recall
Some gave all
Love your country and live with pride
And don't forget those who died America can't you see
Some gave all





business card 






Dr. Jon Willen

Major. Jon Willen, MD



Coming soon

An Appointment with Destiny

The George E. Waller Story

By David Cotton


Fresno Telegraph Station 

Fresno Telegraph Station





Moorpark 2013

Moorpark 2013



Battery box

Battery Box



Leo Najera, 2nd Lt.

Leo Najera, 2nd Lt.


Fort Tejon


 Fort Tejon by night.





Friends forever


Unit Roster


The 24th Virginia Field Hospital re-eanacts as part of the Fort Tejon Historical Association since 1982. And now as part of the American Civil War Society.

 Its (current) members include:


Jon Willen, Major. MD   Chief  Brigade Surgeon

 Dave Colley, Major.

Company Commander
David Cotton, Lt. Col. Retired. Surgeon
John Powell, Captain. RN. Surgeon

Mike Jackson, 1st  Lt.  Assistant Surgeon
Leo Najera, 2nd Lt. Supply Officer
William Johnson 1st. Sgt.   Unit 1st Sgt.
Sharon Coleman, Quartermaster Sgt. Executive Officer
Sharon Powell, NP Chief  Matron
Rebecca Colley, RN.   Matron
Brittnie Smith Historian
Alana Lewis, BA Archaeologist
Matthew Nelson Provost  
Robbie Slagle Cadet/Provost  







  Dave Colley


Alana & Sharon







Sharon Powell



Sharon, Company Seamstress/NP



Medical Education During the Civil War






24th VA Battle Flag

24th Virginia Flag Conservation Project


Bassett Historical Center



My favorite picture

Confederate Staff 1998

Confederate Staff 1998




24th VA Unit Flyer

For further information Contact 

Major. David Colley,

Major. Jon Willen M.D.

Lt. Col. Retired. David Cotton,  

Capt. John Powell,



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R. E. Lee 

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